ASM Programmable Crypto Module Reference Design

An Aeronix Cryptographic Solution

The ASM family of certifiable Type 1 fully-programmable cryptographic module reference design intellectual property supports a broad set of security features and are designed to be embedded in a wide range of equipment. The ASM and ASM Rad-T space-hardened modules integrate full support for a variety of current DoD cryptographic initiatives.

KEY FEATURES - PDF Product Datasheet

  • Classification - Unclassified Prior to Module Activation, CCI After Activation
  • Cryptography - Reprogrammable; Suite A/B and Legacy Algorithms
  • Data Classification - System High Up To Top Secret, Multi-Channel MSLS Up To Secret
  • Data Channels/Rate
    • 1-4 Full Duplex Channels
    • Either TTL DC to 100+ Mbps/Channel (800 Mbps Aggregate Data Rate)
    • Or LVDS 1+ Gbps/Channel (8+ Gbps Aggregate Data Rate)
  • Bypass Channel(s) - Common Bypass and/or Channel/Algorithm/Waveform Specific Bypass
  • Key Management - CIK, Benign Key/Fill, Firefly, Enhanced Firefly, and OTAR
  • Security Policies - Embedding Equipment Unique Bypass, Access Control, and Audit Policies
  • 100% Reprogrammable - All Firmware, Software, and Crypto Algorithms
  • Size - Multiple Form Factors as Small as 2” x 3” x 0.5”
  • High Performance, Low Power - Less than 3.5 Watts at 100 Mbps


  • Government and military applications requiring Type 1 Cryptography
  • HAIPES In-line Networks Encryptors
  • JTRS software-programmable radios
  • Media encryptors
  • Wireless networks
  • Airborne and space networks

ASM OVERVIEW ASM encryption products are a family of Type 1 fully-programmable cryptographic modules. ASM modules support a broad set of security features and are designed to be embedded in a wide range of equipment. ASM modules integrate full support for the requirements of the Crypto Modernization Initiative, HAIPIS encryptor equipment, and the Joint Tactical Radio System (JTRS). ASM RadT Space products, suitable for embedding in a wide range of End Crypto Units (ECUs), address additional requirements necessary for operation in radiation environments. The ASM's innovative architecture permits straightforward evaluation and simplifies incorporation of design variants. Maximum use of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology and components mitigates technology obsolescence risks. The ASM supports 100% field re-programmability for all firmware, software, key management, and crypto control algorithms. One-time programmable capability is also supported. The ASM's flexibility and wide variety of configurations make it an equally ideal choice for low-performance, low-power applications and high performance, high-throughput applications.


PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Encryption/Decryption Modes

  • Suite A Algorithms
  • Suite B Algorithms
  • Legacy Algorithms
  • BIP-32, SHA-1, SHA-384 Data Integrity
  • Multiple Single Levels of Security (MSLS)
  • Multiple Simultaneous Independent
  • Crypto Channels

Key Management

  • DS-101, DS-102 Key Fill
  • DS-100 Key Tagging
  • Key Wrapping/Unwrapping and Updating
  • Key Storage (1000+)
  • Firefly Versions 9.1 and 17.1
  • Enhanced Firefly
  • Multiple Universal Key Sets (10+)
  • CIK

Additional Security Functions

  • Unclassified Prior to Programming
  • CCI After Activation
  • Access Control Lists
  • Password Verification
  • High Speed Randomizer
  • Real Time Clock
  • Over/Under Voltage Detection
  • Programmable Cryptographic Bypass
  • Secure Authentication for Remote Management
  • JOSEKI Decrypt
  • Signature Verified Software Download
  • Signature Verified Algorithm Download
  • Embedding Equipment Unique Access Control, Bypass, and Audit Security Policies

Other Features

  • Red and Black 32 Bit PCI Data/Control
  • I/F
  • High Speed UART Control/Status I/F

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