Network Simulator

NetSim™ Summary - PDF Product Sheet

NetSim™ is a Windows™-based application that provides a software simulation of a Combat Net Radio network. Individual instances of the WinIDM™ application can be connected to the network representing any number of platforms. Connections to the NetSim™ application can be made locally, or remotely to a NetSim™ server over any standard Ethernet LAN. Combined with WinIDM™, NetSim™ can not only provide a simulation environment, but can also be used for training. Stations connected to NetSim™ can have their location altered, be individually jammed, set to Quiet Mode, and have the range or visibility of their simulated radio modified. NetSim™ allows for simulation of noisy network environments, by configuring specific durations during which the entire network is jammed, periodically causing stations to miss receptions, or by injecting errors into the bitstream. NetSim™ is fully extensible for automation of participant behavior (e.g. flight patterns) and modeling radio timing parameters.

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