Wireless Networks and Data Links: High Speed and Mobile

Secure, High Bandwidth, Mobile Solutions

Aeronix is a provider of a family of 4G OFDM wireless networking radios.  Aeronix radio equipment has been developed to address not only the performance but also the size, weight, and power requirements for ready-to-use, on-the-move, net-centric IP networks supporting:

  • Mobile command centers for law enforcement and disaster recovery
  • Industrial Backhaul links
  • Military networks requiring on-the-move communications,
  • Military networks requiring air-to-ground networking and air-relay
  • Digital data links for unmanned air and unmanned ground (UAV and UGV) ISR and video transmission.  

Aeronix software defined radios utilizes Aeronix's Tactical 802.16 software waveform.  Tactical 802.16  wireless communications systems provide long range, scalable network links with high bandwidth and data rates, using adaptive modulation and coding to maximize throughput in time-varying channels with superb resistance to multipath while providing excellent NLOS (non-line-of-sight) performance. Aeronix is offers solutions with enhanced capabilities including high-speed mobility, advanced security, and enhanced multi-path resistance. 

The Aeronix EDL (Enhanced Data Link) and LAW interopable family of products are at targeted implementation such as  small UAV, UGV, and Manpack applications requiring video and data distribution and optimized SWAP.  All members of the EDL family ( EDL Nano and EDL Micro ) are single unit solutions with integrated power amplifier, the smallest of these being the EDL Nano.

The LRDL (Long Range Data Link) is part of the Aeronix LAW family of products targeted at multi-node vehicular, shipboard, and airborne solutions requiring high-performance operation in a broad range of environments including mixed urban, rural, air, and sea.  Air-to-ground communications requirements are supported for ranges up to 300 miles. 

If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

For over two decades, Aeronix has provided leading-edge products and engineering services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics industries. Aeronix solves tough technical problems on time and on budget.

Aeronix Delivers Solutions: Communications, Information Security, Electronic Intelligence

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