WDL Improved Data Modem

WDL IDM™ - PDF Product Datasheet 

Designed to modernize legacy unguided weapons as well as provide a Tactical Data Link (TDL) for emerging Network Enabled Weapons, the WDL IDM™ combines the datalink capability of the Mini IDM with a UHF/VHF radio in one Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). The WDL IDM™ provides customers with a lowcost solution ideal for integration into Network Enabled Weapons. By combining a UHF/VHF radio and TDL modem into a single LRU, programs save on both non-recurring design and integration costs, recurring maintenance and logistics costs, and significant space and weight in the weapon. The WDL IDM™ is fully interoperable with existing UHF/VHF radios and the entire line of Symetrics/Aeronix IDM Family products. Read More>>


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