USB Radio Operations Cable

U-ROC™ Summary - PDF Product Datasheet

The USB Radio Operations Cable (UROC™) provides a standard USB interface to existing voice and data radios. Via the U-ROC, military ground kits can transmit and receive digital data over the air. Designed to allow ruggedized laptops, personal computers, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to interface to any radio in the field today, the U-ROC™ combines the radio interface capability of the Improved Data Modem (IDM) with the accessibility of the USB standard. The U-ROC™ provides an ideal low-cost, low power solution for easy integration into any system with a USB port. The U-ROC™ supports two fully independent radio channels, so only one cable is required to provide multiple data link solutions. The U-ROC™ is offered with a modular connector for each channel, which allows it to adapt to any radio in the field. The Modular Radio Connectors provide the flexibility needed to allow the soldier to bring exactly what is needed for the radios at hand. The modular interface also reduces cost for depot repair and spares. 

Need to have a test asset for your protocol? Due to its design, integrating the UROC is a fast and inexpensive test solution. Need to show interoperability? Combine the UROC with WinIDMTM and you’re all set.

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