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Improved Data Modem (IDM)
Designed to "communicate with anything," the IDM interfaces to existing voice radios in military aircraft, manpacks, and mobile ground stations to transmit and receive digital data. IDMs support a wide range of protocols and are offered in a variety of form factors for easy integration into systems with limitations on space, power and cooling. Read more »

WDL Improved Data Modem
Designed to modernize legacy unguided weapons as well as provide a Tactical Data Link (TDL) for emerging Network Enabled Weapons, the WDL IDM combines the data link capability of the Mini IDM with a UHF/VHF radio in one Line Replaceable Unit (LRU). The WDL IDM provides customers with a low cost solution ideal for integration into Network Enabled Weapons. Read more »

The USB Radio Operations Cable (U-ROC) provides a standard USB interface to existing voice and data radios. Via the U-ROC, military ground kits can transmit and receive digital data over the air. Read more »

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