ACT Embedded Cellular M2M Reference Design


 The Aeronix ACT IoT Ecosystem enables individual equipment to be rapidly modernized from stand-alone operation into an intelligent, automated Machine-to-Machine (M2M) enterprise network.

Aeronix provides the “intelligent plumbing” between your machine and  your business processes.  By leveraging Aeronix ACT wireless-IoT systems, wireless IoT board products, and Machine2Cloud server infrastructure, previously remote stand-alone machine equipment can be transformed into an intelligent machine network enabling shorted business processes and cost efficiencies.

Aeronix offers GSM technology based ACT M2M-1000-G and CDMA ACT M2M-V versions of ACT for tethered and embedded machine and stand-alone applications.

As a certified Verizon Wireless device and service provider, Aeronix is a one stop shop for your cellular connected IoT needs.

If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

For over two decades, Aeronix has provided leading-edge products and engineering services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics industries. Aeronix solves tough technical problems on time and on budget.

Aeronix Delivers Solutions: Communications, Information Security, Electronic Intelligence

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