About Aeronix

Aeronix, Inc. is an employee-owned products and design services company specializing in communications, information technology, and electronic warfare system solutions.  Aeronix sells products to branches of the US military, agencies of the Depart of Defense, DOD prime contractors, US sovereign partners, and commercial customers.

Aeronix design services capabilities encompass the full breadth of engineering expertise required for the specification, development, field test, manufacture, and deployment of customer specific solutions,  and anywhere in between as needed.

On the product side, Aeronix invests in the development and release of promising wireless and wired networking technologies.  Aeronix standard products include:

  • GES Ethernet switch systems for military and commercial aircraft and vehicles  Read More>>
  • LAW SDR network radios supporting high performance, bandwidth demanding IP voice, video, and data  Read More>>
  • Small form factor, SWAP optimized EDL digital data links for networked control, data, and video  Read More>>
  • Combat Net Radio tactical "VMF" data link systems and software for forward air control applications  Read More>>
  • ESM systems and hardware components for battlefield detection, identification, and tracking of electronic signatures  Read More>>
  • ACT sensor platforms based on GSM and CDMA technologies  Read More>>

Aeronix systems engineering, design, development and production of electronics, information technology, software and engineering service processes are certified to the ISO 9001 industry standard Read More>>

If you can dream it, we can help you build it.

For over two decades, Aeronix has provided leading-edge products and engineering services to the defense, aerospace, and industrial electronics industries. Aeronix solves tough technical problems on time and on budget.

Aeronix Delivers Solutions: Communications, Information Security, Electronic Intelligence

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